Finding Noah

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  • "The exploration of FINDING NOAH speaks to the adventurous spirit within the heart of the men who climbed Ararat, not only to discover the evidence of the Biblical truth, but to draw upon the deep waters of their own purpose. I strongly endorse the movie, but more importantly encourage the adventure behind it."
    Neil Kennedy, Founder & Author, FivestarMan
  • "One of the most compelling documentaries I've ever watched, mixing an historical fact and a modern day mystery together with real life. It just may be that FINDING NOAH will help you find your faith or rediscover the One True God."
    Dr. Dennis Rainey, President and CEO, FamilyLife
  • "FINDING NOAH captivatingly displays the risk and reward of every great adventure. I am very happy to have contributed to this cinematic exploration of man's will and determination to discover."
    Gary Sinise, Finding Noah Narrator
  • "This is a movie that has to be seen on the big screen. A compelling real life story of an amazing expedition."
    Bob Lepine, Co-Host, FamilyLife Today
  • "I love this movie! These are incredible men on an incredible adventure. I find myself joining them in spirit and cheering them on to succeed!"
    Brian Doyle, Founder and President, Iron Sharpens Iron